Infrastructure as a Service

Businesses are looking to transform IT operations to ensure better alignment with business outcomes.  The need for agility and flexibility underpin ITs desire to close the innovation gap.  However, with key personnel consumed by BAU activities, IT lacks the skilled resources needed to innovate.  

Our Infrastructure (IaaS) service offers a fully managed outcome for business critical workloads. Offering compute, storage, network, and container services, our IaaS was designed to accelerate business value by offering a selective sourcing strategy for a skills depressed market. Our enterprise-grade service enables you to build a Hybrid Cloud solution with advanced migration capabilities used to execute our Buy the Base, Rent the Peak strategy.


Why Infront?

Our managed services were established as a ‘cloud centre of excellence’ to provide the skills and support necessary to help customers close the innovations gap that exists between business expectation and current IT capability.

Infront’s team of engineers have the knowledge and experience to engineer and manage enterprise Hybrid Cloud environment to suit your needs without compromise. 

Infront’s hybrid cloud approach is backed by 18 years of data centre experience. With strong technical depth and alignment to industry trends Infront can unlock greater business value in placing your organisation on the path to modernisation and hybrid cloud.

Infrastructure as a Service forms part of the .Managed Services

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Managing Transformation

Our cloud support teams compliment yours to power innovation.