Managed Services

Managing many IT projects and environments is complex, time-consuming and costly. This is proved even more difficult in a resource-constrained world.

Optimise your IT and business functions, and enable greater IT agility and scalability through Infront’s managed services.

We take a holistic management approach to your IT; transforming your applications, modernising your infrastructure and maximising automation opportunities to create efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your business, while our IT experts focus on your technology.

Our managed outcomes will have you covered and provides you the opportunity to innovate and transform your IT strategy.

Cloud Analytics

Achieve greater visibility and understand of your cloud spend with our Cloud Analytics service.

Configuration Management

Automate the delivery of your business-critical services with our Configuration Management Service.

Data Protection

Our Data Protection (DPaaS) service protects all your data across on-premise and cloud services.

Disaster Recovery

Get your business back online faster with our proven Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) service.

Enterprise Broker

Ensure multi-cloud governance and operational control using our Enterprise Broker service.

Infrastructure as a Service

Manage the day-to-day operations under best practice, freeing up key resources for high-value initiatives.

Performance Management

Strategically source an outcome that provides visibility of your on-premise and cloud assets.

Workload Protection

Ensure workloads running in AWS and Azure are secure with our Workload Protection service.

XaaS (Anything as-a-Service)

XaaS allows you to develop your own business service with our Service First Methodology.

Storage as a Service

Businesses are looking to transform IT operations to ensure better alignment with business outcomes.  The need for agility and flexibility is key to successful digital transformation. However, with key personnel consumed by business as usual activities, IT lacks the skilled resources needed to innovate.

Infront’s Infrastructure (IaaS) service provides a fully managed outcome for business critical workloads. Offering compute, storage, network, and container services, our IaaS was designed to accelerate business value through a selective sourcing strategy for a skills depressed market. Our enterprise-grade service enables you to build a Hybrid Cloud solution with advanced migration capabilities used to execute our Buy the Base, Rent the Peak strategy.

Backup as a Service

Protecting the data of business-critical services consumes costly cycles every day. This could be more productively used to transform the business. While critical, the backup operation is often delegated to operational staff with a low management priority – until the organisation experiences data corruption or loss, or worse a complete system failure.

Infront’s Back up (BUaaS) service deploys a best-in-class backup offering into your data centre to protect—under policy—all data holdings across on-premise and cloud services.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Offering a compelling Return on Investment (ROI) against traditional built-out offering, Disaster Recovery can be serviced on a workload by workload basis with strong RTO/RPO initiatives.

Our Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) service enables IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to a global high-availability cloud infrastructure. With a wealth of disaster recovery expertise, we go beyond simple backup to ensure all key workloads are protected – and the disaster recovery process is tuned to our customers’ business priorities and compliance needs.

Cloud Operations as a Service

Building the right cloud solution is just one part of the cloud journey. Success in cloud relies on having the right tools and teams to manage your cloud environment on a daily basis.

Transitioning to a hybrid cloud model is complex and often the lack of internal skills in a traditional IT environment makes management challenging.

To support your journey to hybrid cloud operations, Infront has developed a cloud operations as a service solution, including backup, monitoring and financial governance. With our team of cloud experts, you will be supported on your cloud journey enabling you to focus on your cloud adoption and business priorities.

  • Comprehensive cloud management tools and solutions enabling multi cloud governance and operational control
  • Visibility of services and simplified cloud costs management
  • Self-service system provisioning, metering, billing and workload optimisation

Desktop as a Service

Organisations rely heavily on technology to enhance and grow their business. The introduction of cloud-based technology has resulted in modernised operations for organisations and agencies. In turn, this has changed how these services are managed, supported, and secured.

Teams are demanding an environment that supports innovative technologies. However, tightly constrained budgets and limited resourcing proves to be a significant barrier for many organisations.

Infront’s Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution is a cloud delivered service which provides scalability, agility, and a financial model to deliver improved value for your organisation. Leading technology is tailored to how your workers want and need to work, creating engaged users who can access the latest and most relevant technology.  

Infront provides a range of versatile devices from high-performance brands that give device durability, mobility, and the processing power your employees need to improve productivity.

Managed Service for SMEs

As a small or medium sized enterprise, you may rely heavily on technology but do not have the internal skills or budget to maintain and grow your business.

BusinessONE is a fully managed IT service for your business that improves employee productivity, enhances your organisational security and provides predictability with your budgeting.

We manage your IT so you can concentrate on growing your business. It’s how IT should be.

Looking for cloud success? We can help.