Unlock greater business value from Hybrid Cloud

Businesses are challenged to slash costs and reduce strain on IT resources. Hybrid cloud is an effective method for aligning IT priorities with organisational needs.

As the Hybrid Cloud company, Infront truly understands cloud. From designing, building and managing services in pure cloud environments, to helping businesses make the most of hybrid cloud capability, our team lives, and breathes cloud every day.   

This wealth of experience has enabled us to develop a range of cloud valuable Intellectual Property for our clients. From pragmatic and practical architectures, through to proven methodologies and turnkey solutions. Working with our team, you can leverage this pre-built and tested IP to accelerate your own cloud adoption; faster, easier and with less risk.

We also understand success in cloud is as much about people as it is the technology. Bringing your teams on the journey through the development of new skills and capability is critical. This is why Infront has thought as much about helping your team grow into cloud, as we have about the technology that makes it happen.

We have developed cloud adoption frameworks, operating models and methodologies, specifically designed and targeted to help your people succeed at every stage of your cloud journey.


IT teams spend too much time on repetitive manual maintenance tasks, fixing one thing only to have another break. 84% of IT service disruptions are due to operational errors. Automation can not only fix that, but it can also help you make the most of cloud services where automation is not just a nice to have, it is a necessity for success.

As automation specialists, Infront can help you build, operate, and secure your infrastructure with less effort and with more consistency. We can automate everything from day-to-day administrative tasks, right through to developing blueprints to orchestrate the deployment of complex hybrid cloud infrastructure and software environments.

Our automation engineers are skilled with industry’s leading automation languages, platforms, and approaches. With Infront automation solutions, you and your teams can spend more time delivering new capability and business services and less time on those repetitive tasks.

Microsoft Azure

Many organisations are just starting on their Microsoft Azure cloud journey, while others have already invested in Azure for their cloud operations.

At Infront, we have not just been helping our customers adopt Azure cloud innovation, we have been building, developing, and delivering our own solutions in and from Azure for years. We truly understand Azure beyond the talk. We have learned the hard lessons, so you do not have to.

Wherever you are on the cloud path, Infront has the capability and experience to help you make the most of Microsoft’s Azure platforms.

Whether you are planning cloud adoption, or are looking for help to make it happen, Infront can provide you the support you need including:

  • Hybrid Identity and Authentication (Fed Gov compliant)
  • Express Route design, configuration, and establishment
  • Secure Network Configuration
  • Monitoring and Management
  • Resource Optimisation
  • Automation
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • High Availability and Data Protection

Cloud Management

Experience has shown that managing services in cloud demands vastly different skills and capability compared with traditional IT.

Existing skills, processes and tools simply were not built to meet the demands of highly distributed, consumption-based operations.

Infront has built on decades of experience managing enterprise IT services to develop skills, methodologies, and tools to help you and your business to manage cloud with confidence, across providers, and for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Be it through native vendor capability, third party products, or our own an award-winning hybrid multi-cloud management platform, Infront help can help you establish the foundational capabilities required to keep your cloud services running, consistently and within budget.

Infront stands ready to help you to Manage, Protect, Secure and Govern your private and public cloud environments, including:

  • Financial Governance (cost centre budgeting, billing, and forecasting).
  • Policy and Security Compliance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Monitoring and Management


Whether joining an organisation to a cloud platform or provider, implementing a hybrid cloud IT solution or looking to consume Software as a Service (SaaS), establishing a hybrid identity foundation is a critical first step for any business.

Identity not only determines who can access your business services and data, but also underpins the very administration of your cloud environments, be they IaaS, PaaS, or IaaS. Ensuring that your business has a cohesive, consistent, and compliant approach to identity and authentication is for most business priority one.

Using best-of-breed technology from Microsoft, together with industry leading third party security solutions, Infront can enable help to establish a flexible, secure and compliant hybrid cloud identity foundation, ready to support your cloud journey were ever it takes you

  • Federated Identity – linking your teams’ electronic identity and attributes across multiple identity management systems, cloud software and infrastructure providers
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) – implement multi-factor authentication to secure your business and meet Government Mandated security requirements, (Essential 8 ML3)
  • Automated Application Provisioning – automatically deliver access to business and IT systems with consistency, confidence, and compliance
  • Privileged Access Management – the secure management of elevated permissions to business-critical resources and capability

Secure Virtual Data Centre

Extending to cloud in a secure and compliant way can be complex and daunting. Organisations and government agencies are looking to protect their information and people from cyber security threats.

Doing it correctly requires new skills, including a deep understanding of cloud provider capability and how these apply to government mandated security requirements.  These requirements can cause complexity, delay cloud adoption, and consume your key resources from delivering high value business activities.

To overcome these challenges, Infront developed the Secure Virtual Data Centre.  This reference architecture expands on the basic best practice recommendations from Microsoft. The Secure Virtual Data Centre goes beyond architecture. It provides an ISM environment in cloud, faster and at less cost.

  • Secure by design, it provides role-based access control (RBAC), it is hardened and battle-tested
  • It is engineered to PROTECTED (a common requirement for Australian Government Departments) with all required documentation required
  • It reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) with the Shared Services Hub
  • Sharing all aspects of the Secure Virtual Data Centre, your IT team can both understand and operate this vital environment with confidence and understanding and clear understanding

Infront and MinterEllison

MinterEllison is one of the Asia Pacific’s leading law firms operating in Australia, Hong Kong, mainland China, Mongolia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Their IT infrastructure is key to supporting their strategic intent to continuously evolve their business through innovation, whilst being customer focused driving specific outcomes. A solution was needed to design the IT environment to meet the business’ needs with a strategic approach for future scalability as well as to provide business agility.

The Solution

Infront provided an in principle architecture on how MinterEllison should design its new platforms working toward a hybrid environment, tiering archive data to cloud, and therefore right size/reducing the on premise component of their data centre. In addition to this, Infront now also handles day to day management of their backup platforms augmenting Minters’ IT Team.

– Infront’s skilled team of architects developed the Architecture and Roadmap, as well as completing a Cloud Workload Assessment for their updated environment

– Infront’s team of support engineers handles the day-to-day management of their backup platforms ensuring data protection and business continuity

The Results

This partnership allowed the MinterEllison IT team to focus on high value business projects and moving as many workloads to cloud as possible.

MinterEllison's relationship with Infront has evolved over many years. The success to that relationship is as a result of Infront taking the time to discover and propose infrastructure solutions that deliver the required business outcomes The recent implementation of Data Protection as a service was commercially competitive, flexible in the delivery and allowed us to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud.


Looking for cloud success? We can help.