Empower your employees to work the way they want

Remote working has become the new normal. Securely accessing important business systems and company data are integral to enhancing productivity.

Cloud services are ideally placed to not only meet the demands of changed workforce arrangements, but can greatly increase productivity and collaboration internally, and with external clients and stakeholders.

Yet, cloud also presents many challenges to traditional end user workspace management and delivery. From the complexity of managing remote devices to ensuring a consistent user experience. 

Infront has been helping organisations adopt new ways of working, delivering the latest productivity and collaboration solutions in market.

Using the latest tools from Microsoft and industry, Infront can help your business deliver a next-generation workspace service securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Infront has assisted organisations to successfully deploy Microsoft 365 since its inception. Infront works closely with you throughout the adoption lifecycle, from strategy and design through to implementation and ongoing support.

You will gain the value and insights from our real-world experience to make your transition a success:

  • Azure AD – integration, replication, and authentication
  • Exchange Online – planning, configuration, migration
  • OneDrive – migration and backup
  • Microsoft Teams – deployment, configuration, data migration and governance
  • Financial Management – billing and cost centre management
  • Licence Management – provisioning, optimisation
  • End Point Delivery and Management – mobile and desktop deployment and management
  • Backup, Recovery and Archive – data protection, restoration and archive solution selection and implementation.

Modern Management

In today’s world, workspace innovation takes more than just deploying another updated desktop image. Organisations are looking to remove the burden and cost of endless SOE builds, deployments and updates; enabling IT to focus on delivering applications and services to users that have real business value.

To achieve this goal, organisations are increasingly looking to modern and automated methods of delivering and managing their end user environments. These methods, ideally suited to model and cloud enabled environments, not only drive down the costs, but also enhances user satisfaction and security compliance. 

Blending Microsoft’s modern management capabilities with stringent Government security requirements, Infront has developed our Intelligent Workplace. This proven Reference Architecture has been built to lower the cost of managing your desktop and mobile environments through the power of secure cloud tools. Further, Infront can even deliver your business a ISM compliant PROTECTED desktop environment fully deployed and managed from cloud. 

Microsoft Endpoint Management

Managing traditional Standard Operating Environments (SOEs) can be complex and costly. Added security requirements such as Essential 8, backups and archiving, local administrator passwords and secure remote assistance creates even more complexity.

Infront has partnered with Microsoft to supply a secure workplace solution for our customers: a modern, portable laptop device, mission-critical government-grade security, data protection and seamlessly integrated workplace productivity apps including Office 365.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) remains key to many  organisations for promoting business agility and productivity. However, companies find that this infrastructure can be difficult and expensive to design, build and maintain, with many environments left to languish.

For many, VDI continues to be a critical capability. Infront has deployed VDI solutions for many years and continues to implement the very latest VDI solutions from Microsoft and Citrix.

Infront can help alleviate the burden of maintaining this environment. We deliver solutions which utilise on premises infrastructure, full cloud deployments or a hybrid approach.


Distributed sites and remote working is changing the way agencies and organisations deliver their teams’ working environments.

Cloud is further fracturing the way in which teams are connected to critical business services. These changes now demand a new approach to network provision and security.

Many organisations are adopting software-defined WAN capabilities as the answer. This approach provides you with increased flexibility and choice when connecting your team to services, whilst at the same time lowering operational costs and increasing security.

Infront can help ensure that you make efficient use of available bandwidth with traffic shaping and dynamic path selection to ensure the right level of performance for critical applications, without sacrificing security or data privacy.


Cloud and remote working has changed the way many small and medium sized enterprises are operating. Operating a rigid, rigid IT system has created complexity and frustration for business owners.

To assist, Infront developed BusinessONE, a fully managed IT service for small and medium sized businesses which provides increased employee engagement and productivity.

  • Leave the management of your IT services to us so that you can concentrate on growing and operating yuor business
  • Improve your business productivity through a culture of collaboration and communication
  • Protect your most important business assets against external threats using advanced security capabilities
  • Gain predictability in budgeting your business operations through an anticipated monthly IT cost

Infront’s Modern Management Solution for Major Federal Government Department

This major Federal Government agency had twelve hundred Windows 10 devices throughout Australia. Their End User Compute (EUC) environment reflected a typical Federal Government enterprise deployment. All configuration including group policy, application packaging and patch management were delivered via System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Active Directory.

While functional, the EUC environment was not delivering an optimal end user experience. It was expensive to operate and required specialist skills to regularly maintain and upgrade. In addition, the agency wanted to ensure compliance with Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Essential 8 and Maturity Level 3 advice.

The Solution

Utilising Infront’s Intelligent Workplace reference architecture, Infront was able to:

– Rapidly transform their EUC environment to a modern cloud native deployment​

– Modernise and improve the EUC experience ​

– Repackage all applications for Intune​

– Migrate users personal data from mapped network drives to Microsoft OneDrive for Business

The Results

The agency became compliant with the ACSC Essential 8 and Maturity Level 3 guidelines. This included the deployment of Infront’s Serverless Local Administrator Password Solution (SLAPS).

The solution also delivered a Modern Management solution, backed by Microsoft technology that is deployed and managed entirely from the cloud.

The overall solution provided less disruptive updates, enabled self-service application deployments which created more efficient use of the IT department’s time, improved remote desktop support, creating a consistent user experience whether in the office or working remotely, and enhanced security across all deployments.

Looking for cloud success? We can help.