What's Next

"What's Next" is all about the challenge; It's a problem that needs solving; An idea that needs a passionate team to bring it to life. "What's Next" is about striving for continual improvement personally and for our customers.

In the coming weeks, I will be unveiling our new go-to-market strategy to our customers and more broadly to the market. This will be the culmination of thousands of hours and millions of dollars spent in research and development to ensure we possess the people, process and technology necessary to confidently stand behind our new brand.
– The Hybrid Cloud Company.

With 18 years of data centre expertise under our belt, we felt that cloud could offer our customers a innovative new way to build, consume and manage business services. But to be honest, at the outset, we were totally clueless on exactly what ‘this’ would look like. So, we started first by working with our existing customers to better understand their perceptions and expectations around cloud. Over a period of 12 months, as our learning grew, we refined our message and began to focus on specific use cases. We also identified barriers to entry to ensure we had a plan to successfully transition our customers to cloud.

At this time, I feel it’s important to highlight that we are pragmatic enthusiasts. We love technology and the often made promise of a better world, but we are also sceptical of marketing overreach. 'New' is not always better, and like any ‘bright shiny new thing’ it must be assessed in context of its true business value - not just the promise.

Fast forward another two years and we now fervently believe we have achieved the right balance between the old and the 'shiny' new. We have developed a broad set of IP across Advisory, Cloud and Managed Services to help our customers close the innovation gap that exists between business expectation and current IT capability. We are now focused on delivering Hybrid Cloud without compromise, and integrating best-in-class technologies with native cloud services to deliver the innovation platform needed to grow a customer’s business without compromising on security, governance or control.

I hope you find our story interesting and helpful. Please let us know about any thoughts or challenges you have, remembering we are always interested in "What's Next".

Allan King

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Our mission

Since October 1998, Infront has been focused on innovation.

We have looked at what our customers want to achieve and have challenged their limitations. We examine all options, test our hypothesis, and present ideas that make success possible. Across enterprise storage, backup and archive, virtualisation and Microsoft infrastructure solutions, Infront has been there to transform our customers' organisations.

Today, Infront is The Hybrid Cloud Company and our vision hasn’t changed. We have seen the barriers to entry and the operational limitations to working in cloud. This has inspired us to research and test cloud in every way possible. Dedicating almost 4 years to cloud study, we continue to be innovative to the advantage of our clientele.

Our mission is to push our ideas and our assumptions, in order to strive for the greatest results for our customers. This process constantly results in innovation and best-in-class work.

Our Values


We are always honest, have unwavering ethics, and will continuously do the best for our customers and our team.


Our network of valued customers is our number one focus. We strive to see them succeed and to assist them to leave a legacy within their organisation.


We are always looking to plan ahead for our customers and to bring them complete advice. Our team is constantly asking “What’s next?” to find opportunities before others do.


We are curious and sceptical. We test everything, and our learnings are priceless! Our experts question what others assume are facts.

Our community

Our network of customers, partners, employees and stakeholders is central to our mission and values. You'll find us not just attending, but running networking events, and building connections between our contacts. Thought leadership isn’t reserved for our employees. We see great value in learning from each and every one of our customers, and for our customers to have the opportunity to share and gain from us and our wider network.

Infront supports numerous charities through volunteering and donations. Meanwhile, you can engage within our community through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or by giving us a call.

Our team

At Infront, our success is a reflection of the overall excellence of our staff. Our people live and breathe our values, and our values exist because they live in our people. Our team members win awards, and build relationships and loyalty like no others in the business - and they're always pushing themselves to continue to learn. We are incredibly proud of the culture that is enriched in Infront.