Advisory Services

Create value for your business and be the change that is needed. You have a vision of your business’s IT future but you might not know how to get there in quickest and most cost effective way. We work with you to analyse your business requirements and goals to deliver an achievable technology strategy and roadmap.

At Infront we are constantly updating our knowledge in this increasingly complex industry. Along with our years of experience and research, our experts are in the best position to analyse your business and to make achievable recommendations.

Together we will discover and prioritise outcomes that focus on streamlining service delivery.  Grounded in the reality of ‘lessons learnt’, Infront will guide the conversation to ensure your hybrid cloud takes shape without hype or compromise. Our consultants work with you to identify the right delivery model for key application workloads – private, public or hybrid. 

Following our insight methodology, you will gain clear understanding into the operational and technical considerations required to accomplish your transformation objectives.

Architecture and Roadmap

A communication tool for internal stakeholders, presenting them with a high level overview of the evolution of their ICT environment.

Cloud Workload Assessment

Determine the applications that are a priority for the business and assess which workloads are suitable for cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Get more value from your cloud technology and realise the benefits of modern on-premise and cloud services without compromise.

ICT Strategic Plan

Positioning IT to enact the business vision, with special consideration to business strategy, policy and high-level technical drivers.

Service Design

Conceptual design that improves the quality of the interaction between the service provider and its customers.

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