Get the best of both worlds with Unity

Unity drives business agility and reduces costs by automating delivery of secure services across private and public clouds. An engineered solution, Unity makes delivering hybrid cloud simple.

Organisations are looking for ways to drive more business value, redefine their business models, and build an enhanced customer experience in an increasingly digital world. IT must fundamentally change how they deliver value to the business with demands dictating the delivery of traditional enterprise applications with greater speed and agility, while reducing costs and minimising risks. Unity is a Hybrid Cloud solution engineered for operational simplicity and business agility – without compromise. By integrating best-in-class technologies with native cloud services, we are providing the choice and control your organisation needs to innovate in cloud and grow your business.

Infront’s proven reference architecture is extensible by design allowing us to build a unified Hybrid Cloud to meet your exacting requirements.
Unity will help you modernise your data centre and close the innovation gap by automating delivery of secure hybrid cloud services with full financial transparency. Unity combines the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public cloud to transform the delivery of IT services.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Integrate best-of-class technologies into easy to use enterprise class storage.

Software as a Service

Successfully integrate software-as- a-service (SaaS) applications with existing on-premise software


Protect your organisations critical information using our data protection solutions on premise or in the cloud.


Secure cloud services from external threat with intelligent machine learning.


Take control of difficult legacy processes and tools with governance technology.

Infront and The Department of Finance

The Australian Department of Finance is a department of the Government of Australia that is charged with the responsibility of assisting the government across a wide range of policy areas to ensure its outcomes are met, particularly with regard to expenditure, financial management, and the operations of government. As a central agency of the Australian Government, the Department of Finance plays an important role in assisting government across a wide range of policy areas to ensure its outcomes are met.

The Solution

Infront was engaged by the Department to perform an analysis to transform the Department’s ICT structure, from architectural, operational and application perspectives. The analysis involved in-depth stakeholder discussions, presentations and workshops, which resulted in the collection of functional and non-functional requirements for the new storage architecture. Infront assessed the viability of technology options available to the Department, against the Department’s requirements needed to fulfil the key business outcomes. The Department subsequently executed against the proposed strategy and engaged Infront to deliver a $12 million turn-key infrastructure platform that supported all of their key business initiatives and requirements. Infront's Insight Team developed the Architecture and Roadmap to design The Department of Finance's new environment. Infront's Prime Team delivers support and services to manage storage and data protection, providing peace of mind. Infront's Insight Team developed the Architecture and Roadmap to design The Department of Finance's new environment.

The Results

Infront provided the Department with a VMware storage architecture that focused on data protection and enterprise storage. The new architecture reduced complexity and increased the capacity and functionality of the Department’s IT infrastructure. The environment has now been set up to heighten efficiency and productivity within the Department.

- Designed for 100% uptime - The storage environment is a single, continuously available platform that is available anywhere and at any time.
- Always protected - The new storage architecture delivers an enhanced data protection capability providing zero RPO and RTO’s.
- Automated - The Department now has the ability to migrate and balance workloads across data centre resources automatically.
- Sustainable - The Departments new storage architecture is cost and energy efficient.
- Scalability to manage workloads - A consolidated shared services platform capable of satisfying existing and future workloads.




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Your Unity Team

A technology team that understands business needs. Infront’s Unity Team is always asking “what’s next?” and pushing to find the technology that corresponds with your requirements and target end state.