Unlock greater business value from IT

IT is being challenged to deliver more with less along with greater choice and agility. Business cannot wait, the technology team must deliver value and innovation to remain relevant. When aligned with the business goals, your ICT plan will work to deliver future flexibility, security, reliability and cost effectiveness.

Partnering with Infront, we will develop a vision for the organisation that aligns corporate objectives with IT direction:

  • Defines vision statement for IT
  • Defines key objectives for IT during the period
  • Outlines target state architecture and operating model
  • Outlines key initiatives and activities to be conducted during period
  • Defines success criteria for each initiative

Infront’s In Principle Architecture will provide your organisation with a clear path towards a target state environment. A rigorous process leveraging the Unity Reference Architecture, will result into a clear 12-month roadmap to begin to work towards strategic goals. Insight can support you and your team to a granular level, assessing each individual workload to identify the right delivery model – private, public or hybrid. Following our Insight methodology, you will gain clear vision into the operational and technical considerations required to accomplish your transformation objectives.

Team Planning -  Hybrid Cloud Computing - InFront
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Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Infront's Insight advisory team can clearly define your organisation’s vision for IT.

Architecture and Roadmap

Using Infront’s Unity Reference Architecture, we will develop a conceptual end-state model and roadmap to get you to cloud.

Cloud Workload Assessment

Plan on what stays on-premise and what is consumed in cloud. Then plan how you will integrate and manage your Hybrid Cloud.

ICT Strategic Plan

Transport your applications or operations with ease and efficiency without the business noticing the change.

Service Design

Design a hybrid cloud model using Infront's Advisory Services, to improve the quality of the interaction between the service provider and its customers.

Infront and Sydney Adventist Hospital

SAH is the largest single-campus private hospital in New South Wales, Australia. Supporting more than 700 medical practitioners and 2,200 employees, the hospital’s IT infrastructure has to deliver quick and seamless access to clinical information.  In addition to the shared electronic medical health records, SAH was moving from traditional film-based X-rays to digital image and capturing cardiac scans in virtual formats. A solution was needed to design the storage environment with a strategic approach for future scalability.

The Solution

Infront provided high-quality technical advice on how the hospital should design its new storage environment and worked to implement all of the recommendations. After the project was delivered, the true collaborative relationship between SAH and Infront was realised. Infront provides residential services to SAH to augment their systems engineering team, handling day to day management of their storage, virtualisation and backup platforms. In addition, Infront is the onsite resource to provide an escalation point for hardware and systems support.

The Results

This partnership allows the SAH team to focus on other areas and provides an expert resource to call upon at any time.  

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Your Insight Team

Imagine adding resources to your current team with years of experience, an approachable can-do attitude and strong integrity and commitment.