The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is charged with the responsibility for national policies and programs that promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure; foster an efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system; and ensure a strong and liveable Australia by focusing on effective local government and external territories administration and regional development that enables communities to achieve economic and social dividends. Matters dealt with by the department include: infrastructure planning and coordination; transport safety; land transport; civil aviation and airports; maritime transport including shipping; administration of Australian territories; constitutional development of the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory; regional programs; regional development; local government matters; and regional policy.


The Solution

Infront was selected to provide the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) with a contemporary replacement for the Departmental Access Management System (DAMS) that will significantly improve user management for DIRD’s external-facing systems into a more cohesive, efficient and future-ready platform with improved user experience.

The solution comprises three core components that will be delivered concurrently and seamlessly integrated within the DIRD environment. The 9 month project includes the: 

  • DAMS Portal – an Identity and Access Management (IAM) portal and set of web-services to manage user registration, log-in and self-service capabilities;
  • DAMS CRM Platform - a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capability which will control user access management via workflows and consolidate application user business intelligence into a single centralised platform; and
  • Identity & Access Management Capabilities – the deployment of a set of identity and access management services to provide secure, consistent and flexible access to applications.


Insight 1 - Hybrid Cloud Services - InFront
Infront's Advisory Team paved the way with a High Level Architecture and Business Requirements Engagement, resulting in a plan for success.
Unity 1 - Hybrid Cloud Services - InFront
Infront's Unity Architecture was used to develop a solution for The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development that met all of their requirements and more.


The Results

Infront’s solution will provide a highly available system that will deliver a range of benefits to the Department.  Most prominently, the solution will provide efficient external and internal user management through streamlined processes such as self-service functionalities.  It will also provide the ability to easily report on users / stakeholders across all integrated business systems by enabling privileged Departmental staff access to a single user information repository.  In addition, to the functionality offered by a more modern IAM system, the solution will enable secure authentication access to Departmental applications.

The Department of Finance
The Department of Finance
Transforming the Department’s ICT structure, from architectural, operational and application perspectives.
Infront provided an in principle architecture on how MinterEllison should design its new platforms working toward a hybrid environment.